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Auto insurance can provide essential financial protection if you’re in an accident or your vehicle is damaged. Depending on your chosen coverage, it can also help pay for noncollision damages (e.g., theft and fire) and medical bills for you and your passengers following an accident. Contact Rich Toreson Insurance Inc. in Mount Shasta, California, to learn more about auto insurance policies.

Why Is Auto Insurance Important?

If you cause a car accident, you could be responsible for paying for property and vehicular damage, legal fees and third-party medical bills if you cause bodily injuries. Without auto insurance, you may have to pay these expenses out of pocket. Auto insurance can protect your financial assets by paying for covered losses up to your policy limits.

Most states also require drivers to carry minimum liability coverage (e.g., bodily injury and property damage liability coverage). If you’re renting, leasing or financing your vehicle, your leaser or lender may require additional auto insurance coverage (e.g., comprehensive and collision insurance coverage).

The agents at Rich Toreson Insurance can help you evaluate your insurance needs. Contact us today to speak to an insurance agent.

How Does Auto Insurance Work?

Your auto insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance company. In exchange for your premium payments, your insurer will pay for covered losses up to your policy limits. The claims process may vary among insurers; however, you will generally need proof of a claim (e.g., photos, videos and other documents) to receive your policy benefits. Your insurer will then approve or deny your claim, per your policy agreement.

If your claim is accepted, your insurer will typically assign you an adjuster, who will give you an initial estimate of the repair costs. Your adjuster can also help you receive financial assistance, per your insurance contract. If your car is loaned or leased, your lender may play a role in the claims process and may even decide where your insurance check is sent and how repairs are made.

What Causes Auto Insurance Rates to Increase?

Your auto insurance rates may increase after an at-fault accident, traffic violation or DUI/DWI ticket. The severity of the incident, location and insurance company may all impact the amount and duration of your rate increase. Your insurer may classify you as a high-risk driver following multiple at-fault accidents or traffic violations. This typically results in higher auto premiums and could cause you to be dropped by your insurer.

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